FSH 2017 - "Ohh yeahhh" since 2010

Formula Student Hungary was created in 2010, since than we can proudly say that we became one of most unique middle size events in the FS world. FSH 2017 is held in the Győr-Gönyű Harbor between the 17th and the 20th of August. To keep our familiar atmosphere, and the trademark Ohh yeahh feeling of FSH we will accept 30 combustion and 14 electric team registrations this year as well. 

What are we famous for?
- Small size, compact event site, enough space but without long walks
- Family like "Ohhh yeahhh" atmosphere
- We live in  the FSH Hostel in the city of Győr
- We have an FSH Club for you to have fun after a long day
- Our award ceremony is always something special
- And next to all this we are running a professional event ;)

Come to us, to be a part of the FSH community, but how? Our registration is made up from 3 phases:

Pre-registration - until the 8th of January
Eastern European registration - on the 18th of January
World Wide registration - on the 20th of January

If words don't convince you, check out the FSH 2016 summary, and see yourself how it went ;).